When I Made the Leap But No Net Appeared

I thought the path was concrete
But really it was water vapor

My instincts were like iron tanks
But the bridge was made with tissue paper

For someone who claims their lenses so clear
He was keeping his distance
I thought he was standing right here

Crossing that kind of gap
No smile would be wide enough
I embarrassed myself but I got him to laugh

People say, “I bet guys fall for you all the time.”
Well it’s quite the contrary

All the people I fall in love with
Turn out to be imaginary

"Like Tears In Rain" by Martin Wittfooth (2013)

“Like Tears In Rain” by Martin Wittfooth (2013)

Le Crush Redux

I saw my “going-on-two-years” crush again today.


“Virgo” by Julie Dillon ¬© 2012

It was through a pane of glass Рand just by chance (and my passing by) Рour eyes met and he smiled at me. Instant emotional sunshine bomb in my whole day.

I realize I am tending a soil that will never turn a decent crop, but simple actions that produce radical endorphins are difficult things to stop yourself from enjoying. Couple that with an overactive imagination residing in my neural network, and you have a lovely mirage of a bountiful harvest. That mofo’ doesn’t know what he’s missing. This creative sombitch does birthdays and anniversaries like nobody’s business.


New job titles I am up for: Illusionary Zoo Keeper, Pipe Dream Smoker, False Impressionist, or perhaps just an Apparition on a Hard Drive Partition.