Try Try Try

Sometimes I like to pretend the Universe is talking to me through films or music. At certain points in life, I’m sure we’ve all felt that way; those moments when you’re driving down the road and a song comes on that completely telegraphs your emotional state via radio waves…

The better part of the last 4 years has been a lesson in frustration for me on the career front. The U.S. economy has not be forgiving to people looking to change careers or even those starting a search for their first one. I have applied for over 500 positions since November 2011. Six or seven resulted in interviews and none resulted in offers…until last week. I applied for a position that would utilize my creative and technical abilities but it is not one I expected to get after so many hits with the “rejection club”. At this point, my self-esteem was a seal pup, and the job market has been a ruthless pelt hunter.

Despite my pessimism about the odds, I remained consistent in my technique:

  1. A sent a glossy, well-designed resume tailored to the requirements of the job description.
  2. I wore a suit & tie to the interview.
  3. I asked intelligent questions and took a personal interest in the interviewer’s experiences.
  4. I sent a thank you card after the interview so show my sincere thanks for the opportunity. Yes, I am old school.

When I was offered the new position, I felt like I had a breakthrough of unimaginable proportions. I realize it is just a new job, and that it could potentially be unsatisfactory, but when your wheels have rusted to the road (and you feel like you are slowly fossilizing into your station in life) any forward movement can feel like a cloudburst.

Going back to my original thought about the Universe talking to me through the radio, I remembered hearing that P!NK song “Try” over the course of the past few months.

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You gotta get up and try

And although every minute of the past few years has felt like a slow razor, there was finally a moment when the dam broke. When the cavalry arrived. The moment where determination finally overcame the wall.

I am hopeful more walls will come down as a result.